The best places to visit in Pakistan-Pakistan tour packages 2022

Tourism is one of the best physical activities that enhance the pleasure of human health and the body. Beautiful places always provide us mental peace and satisfaction. There are a huge number of the Best beautiful places to visit in Pakistan that are briefly explained with their beautiful mountains, lakes, lush green fields, and amazing highways.

After the social media highlights, Pakistan is now worldwide famous for its natural beauty especially including the KPK and northern areas of Gilgit Baltistan. Foreign visitors in Pakistan have been increasing every year since 1970. That’s why Pakistan created a special ministry for tourism called the ministry of tours.

Let us now read more details about the most beautiful places in Pakistan that travelers will love to visit from 2021 onwards.

1 Gilgit Baltistan

It is a part of the Kashmir region and Its largest city is Skardu however its languages are wakhi,shina which seem like Chinese.

Let’s talk about the important valleys of the Gilgit Baltistan region which are considered the most beautiful places to visit in Pakistan.

1 Hunza valley is one of the best places to visit in Pakistan

Hunza Valley is among the best beautiful places to visit in Pakistan. Hunza is a mountain valley in the northern part of the Gilgit Baltistan region.

It was the Buddist majority region till the 15th century AD before the arrival of Muslims. Since then most people have changed their religion and become Muslims. Hunza gained the status of most visited place by foreigners and locals. It contains a castle which is the most important destination for travelers

The language of people in this region includes shina and wakhi.

People of this region are known for their generosity, kindness, and hospitality.

Hunza valley is also called the “Paradise on Earth”.The illiteracy rate in Hunza valley is less than 5%. Most of its people are migraters who migrated from Afghanistan to Pakistan in the 19th century AD.

Physicians examined and claimed that people who lived in Hunza valley before were more healthy and fit. In fact, researchers have claimed that the people of Hunza valley are some of the happiest people on the planet. The secret of their long and healthy life is diet and regular exercise.

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2 Attabad Lake

Attabad lake is situated in northern Gilgit Baltistan. It was formed as a result of a massive landslide in 2010. Twenty people have died in the landslide and the government of Pakistan announced the aid of 100 million rupees for the victims.

Attabad lake enjoys a good reputation of being one of the best beautiful places to visit in Pakistan. Many foreigners come and enjoy this fascinating landscape in the summers. People enjoy adventurous activities like fishing, boating, and jet skiing.

In summers, many people from different areas of Pakistan move towards northern areas like Attabad lake to get rid of the hot weather and scorching heat of the sun. As tourism increases, the number of hotels and guest houses also increases.

3 Skardu valley

Skardu valley is located in Gilgit Baltistan. It is 10 kilometers broad and 40 kilometers lengthy. It is enclosed by the huge Karakoram highway. It is among the best beautiful places to visit in Pakistan. It is a significant tourist site in Pakistan. 

Skardu is the widest district in northern areas. Many massive peaks lie in Gilgit Baltistan. It is very famous for its adventurous trips. It is 2225 meters above sea level. Many trekkers every year move towards Skardu for hiking. The valley enjoys a good status for universal mountaineers. Many travelers move towards Skardu in hot weather and their attractions include Mantokha waterfalls, Sarfranga cold desert, and buddha rock in Skardu. The imperial valley has a stunning glacier in the Siachen region.

The one who has great curiosity about mountains and glaciers should visit this valley. The valley also comprises a fort which is now renovated into a guest house for visitors. Shangrila resort is another tourist site that is positioned at the bank of an artificial lake. But the hotel and food there are very costly. Satpura lake is also positioned in the north of Skardu which is also worth watching.

4 Naltar valley 

Naltar valley is located in the Gilgit Baltistan region. It is 34 kilometers from Gilgit. It is a forested area. Naltar valley is also famous for its lakes. It is also known for its spectacular mountain panorama.

Naltar valley has a dense green grassland known as “Halima Garden”. Ski competitions are also held there and people can participate in this adventurous voyage. Naltar Bala and Naltar Paain attract numerous visitors towards themselves. The silk route to China also passes from this area. The valley delivers a mixture of flora and fauna as well as a realistic panorama. They also established many guest houses to facilitate the foreign visitors and the locals.

Naltar valley is well-known for its huge mountains covered with snow. It is among the best visiting places in Pakistan. Naltar lakes are also present in this region and the usual activity of travelers there is boating. The majestic trees and remarkable forests provide visitors an eye-catching impression. Markhor can also be found there. The temperature in this region in winters is usually below the freezing point so most foreign travelers come here in summer.

5 Neelum valley is also most visited among the best places to visit in Pakistan

Neelam valley is situated on the northeast side of the Azad Kashmir region over 4000 meters above sea level. It was among the major affected areas during the 2005 earthquake.

The eye-catching elegance of the valley, high-altitude trees on both sides of the Neelam valley, stunning green forests, and fair weather make a valley worth visiting. This is the main destination of the visitors. Chilhana is the town of Neelam valley while the opposing side is seized by the Indians. It is also one of the best attractions for travelers.

Neelam village is placed at a length of about 2.5 Kilometers and 1824 meters above sea level. The dense green village, profound in violent fruits and vegetables, and forest attracts travelers more toward more towards itself. The area has a great volume of guest cottages and is well-known as a tourist village. In winters the snow-covered mountains of Neelam valley provide tourists a pleasant impression. One can find peace there.

After reading this article you may think what would be the top best location among them which you should choose for the tourism in Pakistan?

Although all the details about the best beautiful places in Pakistan are discussed with all aspects. If you have a time span then you must visit all these places, trust me you will be amazed by the natural beauty of Pakistan. However, if you are visiting Pakistan for the first time with less vacation time then you must en route to the Northern areas called Gilgit Baltistan.

The reason I am emphasizing visiting Gilgit Baltistan is that there is no comparison of its peaks, rivers, valleys, and pleasant environment. Secondly, all the valleys and visiting points are under one area called Gilgit Baltistan. Hope you have enjoyed the details given above and of course you have got extensive information about visiting the most beautiful places in Pakistan.