Fairy Meadows is well known for its lush green grassland with the view of high-altitude Nanga Parbat. Whereas, Hunza valley is famous for its eye-catching beauty and it has many more to offer to the visitors.Pakistan tours and packages is offering high quality tours with low cost tours within Gilgit baltistan including fairy meadows


Fairy Meadows is well known for its lush green grassland with the view of high-altitude Nanga Parbat. Whereas, Hunza valley is famous for its eye-catching beauty and it has many more to offer to the visitors.


Fairy meadows and Hunza valley both are the best combinations and most beloved tourist spots in Pakistan. Pakistan tour packages are one of the best tour packages in Pakistan. Both places are worth visiting. Fairy meadows and Hunza valley trips are the best-demanding tours. Hunza valley lies in Gilgit Baltistan region. Hunza valley is known for its beauty, category, affection, and hospitality of people. Pakistan tour packages deliver a mixture of Hunza valley tour packages for the season 2021. 

We are proudly introducing Fairy meadows Hunza tour in Pakistan tour packages during the year 2021. We give Fairy meadows Hunza valley tour facilities like transportation, accommodation, and counseling services in Pakistan tour packages.

In Fairy meadows hunza tour 2021,  the best places to visit in Pakistan tours packages are:

  • Altit Castle
  • Passu cones
  • Attabad lake
  • Khunjerab Pass
  • Baltit Fort

1 Altit Castle:

Altit castle is a historical castle located in hunza in Gilgit Baltistan region. It is approximately 1100 years old.

Ths Castle was renovated in 2007 by Sir Agha Khan sites and government of norway. Moreover with the great history, this castle was awarded as UNESCO WORLD heritage  site in 2011.This place enjoys a good reputation and is also a main destination for foreigners as well as locals.

2 Passu Cones:

The most tour place during the tour to the northern areas of Pakistan is this. Passu cliffs are usually well-known for Passu cones. and these cliffs are usually wrapped up with clouds. This is considered to be the largest glacier outside the polar region so plan up your voyage with friends and family to the northern areas to admire its glamour and peace of nature.

Passu is a small town positioned in the Gilgit Baltistan region along the Hunza river. Passu is an outstanding tourist destination in Pakistan and around the world also. Passu is a prominent destination for visitors because of its geography, panoramas, high-altitude mountain peaks, and glaciers. Passu cones are the most photographed cliffs of the region. People usually speak the Wakhi language.

3 Attabad Lake:

One of the main destinations of visitors in Hunza valley is attabad lake. It was created as a result of natural disasters. The village of attabad was laid to rest, assassinating 20 people and demolishing 26 homes.

Most of the visitors come to enjoy this fantastic landscape when the lake is ice-free. Several athletic games take place around the lake including fishing, jet skiing, and boating. As a rise in tourism, the increasing number of hotels and guest houses sprung up. And now new highways have been renovated, with new tunnels the access is much simpler now than it was earlier.

4 Khunjerab Pass:

Khunjerab pass is the elevated paved global border crossing in the world and the elevated spot on Karakoram highway. The roadway across the pass was established in 1982. The selection of the Khunjerab pass for the Karakoram highway was authorized in 1966.

Khunjerab Pass is often covered with snow in the winters. The highest ATM in the world is positioned in Khunjerab pass. The high elevation with its threat of altitude sickness, weather problems, and erect highways makes the voyage hard and risky. The word Khunjerab pass originated from the Wakhi language.

July is the peak time for visitors to visit the Khunjerab pass. The climate of the Khunjerab pass is too wintry. There is no market for food at the Khunjerab pass so take your eatables with you. Khunjerab pass has an amazing view. There are many hotels and guest rooms at Khunjerab pass for the tourists. Bus service is also available there. Foreign visitors visit this location and enjoy the stunning scenery.

5 Baltit Fort:

One of the most visited places in hunza valley is baltit fort.Baltit Fort is positioned in hunza valley in Gilgit Baltistan region.It was established in the 8th century CE. It has been on the UNESCO WORLD heritage site since 2004.

The fort was first ever renovated by Sir Agha Khan trust.This trust is also working on rebuilding the ancient figures in KPK and Punjab.

The castle remains open all the year, seven days a week for travelers.The baltit fort is a stone layout with mud bandage.It is a three story house and some stores in the basement.The area is encircled by different mountain peaks.It is man tourist spot n hunza valley and they demand you a sufficient amount to visit fort which is used for the maintenance of the castle.The hotels and guest cottages are easily accessible at sufficient price near baltit fort.All kinds of eatables are available there.The climate is usually moderate there.

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