Place of Tour: Gilgit-Baltistan
Duration: 20 Days 


Pakistan tourism is growing exponentially worldwide from the pst few years  and Pakistan tourism places generates great revenue.And the main reason is that people love to see the mountain ranges and lakes that are situated in Pakistan. Pakistan is earning good from its tourism industry and made several policies to grow it.Pakistan is earning approximately $2.2 billion fromits tourism industry and is contributing to its national economy and this revenue is increasing every year depends on how many tourist will come

Snow Lake is a high altitude glacial over 16km wide located at the head of the Biafo and Hispar glaciers. Snow Lake Trek starts from Skardu- Askoli, which lies on the right bank of Biafo Glacier. Biafo Glacier is 68 Kilometers on the Karakorum Range and south of Baltoro glacier leads to Hispar glacier.

This is a strenuous trek for strong trekkers where you get to cross peaks in the range of 5500m to 7300 meters. The famous snow lake is lying on 500 meters behind the Hispar La pass, this is the one of the best place for skiers and small peak climbers. After crossing Hispar La at an altitude of 5151 meters it gives a beautiful panoramic view of Mountains around Hispar glacier.

Northern areas of pakistan is the main tourist attractions.This places consist of lakes and mountains ranges and many more Pakistan tourism places.International travellers and pakistani tourist move towards northern areas in the summers to enjoy the pleasant weather .

There are number of private companies that are facilitating the local and international travellers by making different tour packages that are not pocket friendly and reliable. Pakistan tours  packages offers you the best Pakistan tourism packages for the foreigners and local travellers that are not expensive and and one can easiy afford it.For more informstion,visit our website.


Itinerary of Snow Lake Trek Pakistan Tourism Places

Day-01: Islamabad and Rawalpindi

Day-02: Fly from Islamabad to Skardu

Day-03: Free day in Skardu

Day-04: Drive from Skardu to Askoli

Day-05: Trek from Askoli to Namla

Day-06: Trek from Namla to Shikonfon

Day-07: Trek from Shikonfon to Baintha

Day-08: Rest and acclimatization in Baintha

Day-09: Trek from Baintha to Morfogoro

Day-10: Trek from Marfogoro to Karpogoro

Day-11: Trek from Karpogoro to Snow Lake BC

Day-12: Trek from Snow Lake BC to Hisper LA

Day-13: Trek from Hisper LA to Khani Bassa

Day-14: Trek from Khani Bassa to Jutmal

Day-15: Trek from Jutmal to Red Star

Day-16: Trek from Red Star to Bitanmal

Day-17: Trek from Bitanmal to Hisper village

Day-18: Trek from Hisper village to Karimabad

Day-19: Drive from Karimabad to Naran

Day-20: Drive from Naran to Islamabad

Day-21: Fly Back Home

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